Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour

Welcome to Fremont Animal Hospital

Fremont Animal Hospital is located at a farmhouse built circa 1760. 

Fremont Animal Hospital Front View

Our hospital is housed in a converted carriage house.

Front Desk

Our receptionists are always ready to greet you with a smile. Jodi is our Front Desk Manager.

Exam Room

One of our three exam rooms for doctor's appointments.

Exam Room

This our exam room 3.

Lab Room

Dr. Baker is working on a case in our laboratory room.


Butterscotch, our live-in chihuahua is getting some much needed attention from Dr. Stephanie.

Treatment Room

Dr Audrey is caring for an animal in our treatment room.

Pet Dental Care

We provide dental services for your pet. Nicole, our Veterinary Technician Manager, is cleaning a pet's teeth.

Surgery Room

This is our surgical room. We provide a wide range of surgical services for our patients. From routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, to more complex surgeries.

Tucker the Cat!

Tucker lives at Fremont Animal Hospital.  He hangs out inside and outside.  Today he is helping the Front Desk.

Prescription Food

We keep prescription dog and cat food in stock for your convenience. We also do a special orders.

Meet and Adopt Me!

We usually have an adoption cat in our lobby for you to see.


One of our many Doberman friends!

Luxurious Cat Condos!

Our "Cat Condos" are large areas for the cats to spend their time.  They can even share.  So if you are boarding multiple cats we have the facilities to have them "bunk" together.

Animal Walk Area

We walk all animals in the back of the hospital behind the paddock area. Clients are allowed to walk their pets in this area as well as long as their dogs are on a leash and the owner cleans up after them.

Butterscotch walks!

Not a common sight, but our own Butterscotch is spotted here actually walking  (she is normally seen sleeping or being carried).

Big Bear

Big Bear likes to keep a close eye on everybody walking around his paddock area. Give him a piece of your apple and he will be your friend for life!