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Grooming services at Fremont Animal hospital are done with compassion and great skill.  When you drop off your pet, a member of your family, at Fremont Animal Hospital you can leave with the feeling that your pet is in safe, caring hands.  We groom to the breed standard, but always first to the needs of you and your pet. 

Our groomer,  Alyssia Francis,  is from SandownNH and is experienced with dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments.  Alyssia has a calming influence on the pets that she grooms and does beautiful work.  Alyssia is also excellent at providing medical baths taylored to your pet's needs.  She is very patient with elderly or debilitated pets and can provide services many groomers will not tackle. Alyssia was previously a groomer at PETCO.

An added benefit of having your pet groomed at the veterinary hospital is that they can have their annual examinations with vaccinations done or have simple things checked by the doctor on the same day as their scheduled groom.  Alyssia is also very aware of the many medical issues with animals and will often times find areas of concern (lumps, skin or ear infections) that can be addressed while they are here for the day at the spa.

For boarding pets, a groom before getting picked up allows them to go home looking good and smelling great.

Our entire staff is dedicated to making your pets grooming experience here at Fremont Animal Hospital pleasurable for the both of you.