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Our Hospital Leaders

Audrey Karamourtopoulos DVM

Dr Audrey was born and raised in Andover, MA and knew at an early age new she wanted to work with animals and be a veterinarian. After high school she entered the pre-vet program Michigan State University.  While at MSU, Tufts University open the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts as the first veterinary school in New England.  Audrey transferred back home and completed her BS in Biology from the University of Mass Lowell. She was accepted into the 5th class to attend the Tufts Veterinary School. At that time, the Tufts Grafton, MA campus was not complete, so for their first 2 years, all the veterinary students attended classes in Boston along side with Tufts Medical students.  After graduation in 1987, Dr Audrey worked at Bulger Animal Hospital in North Andover, MA for 8 years.  Knowing she wanted to open her own practice, she, her husband and their daughter moved to Fremont, NH in 1990 and began to look into purchasing a local hospital. Not finding what they were looking for, they decided to take advantage of the empty carriage house on their property and built their own animal hospital. They opened the hospital doors in June,1995 with 1 other employee.

When not caring for animals, she loves spending time with her family, gardening, antiquing, and being by the ocean. She is a yard sales fanatic. Dr Audrey lives in Fremont with her husband Peter and numerous animals (including dogs, cats, goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens and a couple of horses).

Peter Karamourtopoulos

Peter is the hospital manager of Fremont Animal Hospital since it opened in 1995, but has only been full-time at the hospital since 2008. Before that Peter spent over 25 years as software engineer  for various  defense, semiconductor and software development companies. He has a BS in Mathematics/Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire and a MS in Computer Science from UMass Lowell. Peter manages the non-animal side of the business. In his free time he enjoys biking, tennis, growing vegetables, beekeeping and hanging out with his Golden Retriever buddies Texas and Moses.